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“GRIEF – Hope in the Aftermath”

     The NEW book by Author and Grief Specialist, Gary Sturgis…

     Losing someone you love feels like you are adrift at sea – lost and alone.  You are overcome by sorrow and heartache and unsure of how to continue life without them.

     Gary Sturgis writes with deep insight about the journey of love and loss and how to chart a course to healing. Through his work facilitating support groups and conducting workshops, he shares what he has learned on a personal level in an honest and heart-felt way.  He offers advice and encouragement to those of us grieving the loss of a loved one.  

    Gary takes us through the physical and emotional effects of grief, helping us to navigate its difficult aspects while teaching us to recover during the process. He offers a comforting hand to help us steer through the rough waters he has experienced since his loss. By sharing his own reflections and those of people he has encountered along the way, he puts the issues of life and death in perspective and ultimately gives us courage to move forward. 

     Although we may never totally accept our loss or recover from our grief, Gary helps us find hope in the aftermath.

Editorial Reviews

“GRIEF – Hope in the Aftermath”

As someone who has lost a loved one I found this book to be extremely helpful. I read “Surviving – Finding Your Way From Grief To Healing” after my husband died and it brought me so much comfort. The author writes in such a way that you can tell it is written from the heart. His compassion and empathy for those of us grieving is so honest and genuine. This second book follows the same sensitive path as the first one, while offering new insights and stories from other people that the author has helped on their grief journey. I’m so thankful that I had both of these books to guide me through my own sorrow after my loss. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a broken heart. – Karen Blanchett, R.N.

I loved “Surviving – Finding Your Way From Grief To Healing” and I couldn’t wait for this book to be available. I ordered my copy and stayed up and read the whole thing in one night. The chapters are short and easy to read and that’s all I can handle as I grieve the loss of my mother. Gary writes with such honesty and from a place of understanding having suffered his own tragic loss. I would recommend “GRIEF – Hope in the Aftermath” to anyone that is trying to find a glimmer of hope in the sea of grief. – Peggy Fantone

This is the best book I have read about grief and loss. It is written in such a simple and honest way. It allowed me to find ways to understand my grief and the emotions that go along with it. The chapters are short and I find myself highlighting sections I want to look back on. I carry this book with me all the time because it brings me comfort to read it. I would recommend this book to anyone grieving and it would also make a great gift for a friend or family member struggling with the loss of a loved one. – Jill Scranton – Hospice Aide

“Surviving – Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing

   The death of a spouse or a close loved one is one of the most devastating experiences an individual suffers. Whether it is sudden or after a prolonged illness, death and subsequent grief are life-changing. One day you’re together, and the next day you’re not. You feel like life will never be “normal” again.

   I know first-hand the pain of grief after becoming a widower in my early 50s. I suffered profound sadness along with anger, guilt, loneliness, confusion, and heartache to name just a few. But I found my way from grief to healing and I am surviving after my loss. You can too!

   In my book, I share intimate details of the personal stages I encountered through my grief journey. Along the way, I learned how to continually move forward and honor my loved one by talking about death, handling my emotions, and sharing my special stories and experiences. I reveal how I progressed over time from feeling deep anguish to healing from grief to living a life that has joy, happiness, and peace again.

   Throughout the book, I offer you reassuring guidance and comforting advice as you travel through your personal grief journey. I use my own path to healing as a reference together with lessons learned as a health care professional and volunteer grief counselor helping others.

Excerpt from:

“Surviving – Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing”

                                                                      Chapter 42
                                                               Owning Our Grief

      People experiencing loss always ask me, “How long does this take?”, “When will this pain and hurt end?”, “When can I think of him or her without so much emptiness?” These questions are asked by every member of my groups and workshops, especially in the first two years after their loss. My answer is always the same, “The grief process takes as long as needed, is different for every loss, and unique to the relationship that is lost. “

     Grief changes us forever. But we can learn to live in the positive memories of the people we love. We just must learn how to let go of the pain, not the person.

     Not easy to do! It takes work. The process is slow but important for the reinvestment in life.

     Even though telling the story of the loss we suffered helps explain what is missing, it brings us pain. But this pain may transform into a happy memory of the one we loved and lost. We can start to tell the happy stories of our loved one instead of the sad.

     There can be power in “owning our grief” and sharing our story. As we confront what we lost, we weave the memory into what will help us move forward. As we talk about our grief and loss and deal with it, we take the best parts of that relationship we had with our loved one into the future we are working to create.

     We do this by adapting to our new role and place in the world. We start accepting responsibilities once performed by our loved one and meet our loss head on. We face the pain and learn the importance of letting it go. By taking on these roles and responsibilities, we begin to really see what the person did for us and how they shaped our life. But it shows us even more than that. It shows us who they were to us. We realize that everything they did for us and the experiences we shared is what we lost. What we miss. We even take on some of their personality traits.

      So, as we experience this pain, we begin to see the specialness of that person and how they have become a part of us. Understanding the benefit and effect that person had on our life, helps us find our ‘new self.’ It helps us to move forward so that we can go on living.

     Our loved one lives on in us. We just must learn to accept our loss and integrate it into our life. We will always miss them. There will always be change in life. By owning our grief, we can learn to let go of the pain and live again. Taking them forward with us. There is Hope in grief!


Check out these 5 Star Reviews!

     Heartfelt, Honest and Helpful!

     September 11, 2020

     I lost my wife last year and have read many books on grief and loss but this book was the one I liked the best. The author writes in a down-to-earth way that made me feel as if I knew him and he was talking exclusively to me. He shares his story without making that the main focus of the book. Instead, he uses his own experiences to show how he found his way through the sadness and grief to a place of healing and happiness. This book gave me hope that I can survive and I’m taking what I have learned from it and applying it to my own life. The author has also provided a much needed resource for the LGBTQ Community and that unique population of the bereaved. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.

 This is a great book for the grieving spouse!

April 9, 2020

   I’ve read several books on grief after my husband died and this is one of the best. The words in this book helps me to know that what my thoughts and feelings are during this time of grief are all normal and okay. It’s helping me to move forward.

 Compassionate and Practical 

March 29, 2020

   This is such a compassionate and practical book for everyone. Gary writes of his own grief journey as he helps others. Being a teacher for 30 years and losing my husband, my best friend, over 20 years ago makes me appreciate how clear and true Gary’s words are. Sage wisdom and kind comfort are found here!

 Beautifully written guide for navigating grief!

March 29, 2020

   Surviving Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing is a beautiful guide offering validation of the feelings of grief through Gary’s story and personal disclosures and offering gentle helpful suggestions for those experiencing and coping with grief. As a clinician providing grief therapy services, I feel strongly that this book has assisted me in further developing empathy and my practice. I would strongly recommend this book!

 Must read! 

March 23, 2020

   Gary has done an amazing job of describing his pain, and journey, to help us all. This book is worth a read by all of us who have suffered grief. I highly recommend it.

 Great resource for someone grieving the loss of a loved one.

March 20, 2020

   Surviving: Finding Your Way From Grief to Healing is such a great resource for someone grieving a loss of a loved one. The author touches upon every aspect of the grieving process. The use of his own personal experience, makes it so relatable. He has suffered the loss of his spouse. Hearing how he went through it AND got through it, is so incredibly helpful. I highly recommend this to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Easy to Read Guide For Anyone Suffering from Grief.

April 11, 2020

   I’m so grateful to have found this book! It is a valuable tool to keep close at hand. It is broken down into small, well spoken chapters guiding you through the grieving process without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. The author shares his own story with the reader helping you to not feel so alone in your own journey through grief. This is a book I will recommend to family members and friends!

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    In this thirteenth television episode, Plymouth Center for Active Living’s Beth Hadfield introduces Bereavement Facilitator, Gary Sturgis, to discuss grief, loss, and the aftermath.

    Gary offers ways to work through grief and come to a place of healing. He shares his own story and coping skills he used to survive. He shares these skills in his book, support groups, and workshops to help others. 


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